Generic Neurontin

Generic Neurontin is a good option when you are looking for some cost effective remedy for epilepsy. Seizures can be quite embarrassing and more than that it can create a lot of problems for the patient. Thus, it is actually important that you get a good medication reference that would help you seek better form of treatment. Generic Neurontin is an antiepileptic medication that helps in treating problem of seizures.

But you should know exactly how you are supposed to use the medication. You should take the doses in proper and prescribed amounts. This is something very much important. If you take doses more or less than usually prescribed then there may be some issues with health. Your doctor will guide you about everything and if you have any problems you should inquire them to the doctor and the pharmacist.

This medication can be taken with food or with out it. This depends upon you.

Normally, doctors indicate that this tablet should not be broken. But if you have problems with swallowing then you can break it into one half and take one half at that time and other half as the next dose. If you are using the liquid for this, then you should buy an accurate measuring device from the local pharmacy shop and measure the medication while taking the dose.

You should ask your doctor about all the instructions that are required to be followed when he tells you to buy this medication. You should ask about all the doubts that you have. You must also read the instruction list that comes with the medication.

It is also important to note that some doctors prescribe other medications also along with Neurontin so as to get effective treatment for the problem. It is vital to know that this epilepsy medication is not apt for children below3 years of age. The combination drugs with Neurontin are apt for children who are above 12 years of age.

If you feel that there are more problems after starting the medication and you want to stop the same then ask your doctor first. Never leave the medication course in between without consulting the doctor.

You should take doses properly and daily as mentioned by the doctor. If you skip the doses in between then perhaps the effectiveness of the medication treatment may be reduced and there would be relapse of symptoms.

You may have to undergo a few blood tests and health check up sessions when you are on Neurontin. This is important if you have to take medication for longer duration.

You should never miss out the dose. If by mistake you forget taking one dose then take it as and when you remember. But if it is time for the next dose then take only one dose at that time. Make sure you must never go for an over dose because that can be risky and may lead to

  • vision problems
  • balance issues
  • tiredness
  • and weakness.

When on Neurontin you must avoid activities that would need lot of attention and concentration.

You can buy this medication online as available in the generic version to save your money. But you must select a good and reliable online pharmacy store.