Generic Neurontin No Prescription

Neurontin is a known GABA analog with a generic name Gabapentin. Neurontin is used as an antiepileptic drug because it is a known anticonvulsant. It usually carries out its function by its effects on the nerves and chemicals found in the body which are related to the seizures seen when convulsion occurs. Neurontin is effective being used alone or when it is combined with another antiepileptic drug.

Neurontin is also used to treat pain in the nerves a condition that is seen when someone is infected with herpes simplex or herpes zoster viruses. Neurontin is also used medically in combination with other anti seizures in treating partial seizures in children of younger age group.

Therapeutic Benefits Of Neurontin: Neurontin is primarily used in the treatment of seizures, hot flash and neuropathic pain. In the treatment of pain, Neurontin is known to give a significant relief in most people who take this drug for the treatment of fibromyalgia (a chronic and consistent neuropathic pain), Neurontin is also used as a post operative means of reducing the effect of narcotics used during the surgical procedure.

This drug is also very helpful in managing the neuropathic pain which results from cancer. In the treatment of seizures Neurontin known to be effective in treating both partial and mixed seizures but it is still not very clear in the management of generalized epilepsy.

It is also noted that Neurontin is beneficial in treating and reducing menopausal symptoms and is also of a contributing factor to relieving pain and spasticity seen in patients with multiple sclerosis. Neurontin is also used to treat patients who have opiate withdrawal symptoms.

How You Should Take Neurontin: Neurontine should be taken with a prescription because such a drug should not be taken without proper medical checkup. When this drug is prescribed for you, you should take it with caution, don’t take more than the required dosage and do not take less than is prescribed for you, always follow the instruction given with your prescription. Generic Neurontin can be taken by the patience before or after eating.

If your type of prescription demands that you break the tablets before swallowing a half of it, you should be careful to take the broken half as soon as possible. Liquid form of this drug should be measured properly before administration of the drug.

When you take Neurontin for seizures and you seem to be fine don’t stop taking the medication suddenly, you need to reduce your dose gradually until you finally stop the medication because stopping it abruptly may lead to your having increased seizures.

To get the best out of Neurontin it is best to take the tablet regularly when you are on the therapy until you complete the dosage given you.

Side effects of Neurontin: The side effects that are associated with the use of Neurontin includes:

  • dizziness
  • swollen hands and legs
  • and drowsiness

These mentioned symptoms are often seen in adults after the use of Generic Neurontin at a high dose.

In children that are under the age of twelve years the possible side effects includes:

  • mood swings which can be from mild to moderate
  • problems with concentration
  • hostility hyperactivity.

Due to the action of Neurontin on every system of the body it is advised that Neurontin should not be given to patients who are suffering from any kidney disease.

When Generic Neurontin is taken in overdose it usually shows symptoms such as:

  • slurring of speech
  • blurred vision
  • drowsiness
  • or even coma

The side effects of an over dose are severe and you should seek the medical doctor immediately if you realize you took an overdose of Neurontin.